What is Babypalooza?

Babypalooza Fayetteville 2018

Babypalooza Fayetteville 2018


Babypalooza was started in 2013 by a local cloth diaper store named Bumbledoo. Bumbledoo was a retail shop that educated and promoted three things in the community: cloth diapers, babywearing and breastfeeding. Along with providing products focused in these areas, Bumbledoo also offered the support necessary for families to use these tools properly and to their greatest potential. Bumbledoo closed in 2016 but the tradition started by this iconic store continues on in Babypalooza.

Babypalooza continues to further the education and use of natural and alternative baby products in our community as well as promote the safety and happiness of the families that live here.

The original concept of Babypalooza was to create a local venue for an International event called “The Great Cloth Diaper Change.” As a last minute decision, we added local mom businesses and services to fill the large space at the venue. We did little to no advertising the first year. When we saw the sheer volume of people who turned out for our event, we knew that a need existed in the community and this need was not being fulfilled.

In 2017, we expanded into two new areas: Raleigh, NC and Southern Pines, NC. We expect to extend into the Charlotte area in 2019. 

Every year, as  our event grows, so does our determination to bring the women and families of the Carolinas a host of amazing natural parenting services and products that are right at their fingertips in their local community.


The Hoying Family 2017

The Hoying Family 2017

Hi! I’m Marilauren, owner and coordinator of Babypalooza. I am thrilled with your interest and look forward to having you at a future show as either a guest, volunteer, vendor or sponsor.

My husband and I, along with our children, are excited about the future for Babypalooza. My relationship with Babypalooza began years ago when I was a vendor with Mama Bear’s Baby Beads, a teething necklace, bracelet and accessory company that I began in 2014. I quickly saw how wonderful an event Babypalooza was for all of the mothers and soon-to-be-mothers that attended.

Malia was the original owner of Babypalooza, she started Babypalooza in 2013 with the support of her husband, sons, friends and staff from Bumbledoo. Every year she sank her heart into making Babypalooza a tool for our community. As we loved it, it grew. 

In late 2017, I had the opportunity to take over Babypalooza as the new owner and knew this was an opportunity that I could not pass up. I want to thank everyone who has helped lay the foundation and look forward to continuing to be not only a resource for those with new children, but a friend as well.

Warm Wishes,