Usborne Books & More by Christine Bruns

Usborne Books are colorful, fun, and carefully designed to intrigue and educate children. The magic of Usborne Books is that they make reading and learning enjoyable, not boring or intimidating. These books are so well done that children absorb and recall more of the vast amount of information presented. Usborne Books are appealing and beautifully illustrated. They incorporate activities and puzzles to challenge a child's observation and intelligence. Their superb printing quality, exceptionally well-produced graphics, high ratio of pictures to text, and unique details set Usborne Books apart from the rest of the field.

In addition to Usborne Books, Kane Miller Books are also available. These are award winning storybooks and chapter books from all over the world, bringing amazing glimpses into far-away cultures to American children.

Usborne helps to promote literacy by providing families, schools, child care centers, and other organizations the opportunity to earn FREE books through home shows, book fairs, and other reading programs. Our goal is to get the most amazing books into the hands of every child! Contact me for more information or to see the books in person. You can book a party for anytime this year!

Marilauren Hoying