The Fayetteville Doulas



The Fayetteville Doulas is proud to be a departure from the traditional. Our doulas are current and knowledgeable in the latest parenting & birthing trends, and share a philosophy of modern inclusiveness. We’re the perfect fit for our modern clients. 


We’re not a cookie cutter agency and neither are our clients. We know our clients and their family come with their own specific needs and goals. We work with our clients and their providers as a team to develop a personalized plan with clear, attainable goals and how to achieve them.


Our doulas and are up-to-date on recommendations from the Academy of Pediatrics and American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, & trained and certified through professional doula organizations. They are prepared to draw from their training, education and experiences to provide skilled, unbiased and judgement-free support to all clients.


IG: @thefayettevilledoulas

Marilauren Hoying