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Our Story

Founded by mothers for mothers in 2013, Baby+Co. is on a mission to offer women enhanced maternity care. We believe in providing you the choice to have your birth, your way. With highly trained certified nurse-midwives and thousands of births and counting, Baby+Co. has established itself as the nation’s leading network of natural, luxurious birthing centers.

We welcome you and your family to the Baby+Co. community. We’d love to hear from you! Call or email us to take a tour of our facility, talk to a midwife, and meet our staff!

What is a Baby+Co. birth center?

Baby+Co. centers are specially designed state-of-the-art spaces with birth suites set up to ensure the safest and most enjoyable birthing experience. Our dedicated staff of certified nurse-midwives are highly educated, registered nurses with graduate degrees in midwifery. They have decades of experience supporting families through birth and are the heart and soul of Baby+Co.

We locate our centers in close proximity to our hospital partners, giving you the best of both worlds and the choice of where to deliver. Your choice, your birth, your baby.

Co. is for “Community”

Baby+Co. offers health, nutritional, and emotional support from preconception through pediatrics. By empowering mothers and parents with education and information, we help to prepare you to enter parenthood with knowledge and confidence.

our team

We're a jaunty mix of seasoned midwives, nurses, educators, and managers.

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Cary Team

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